Luxury Cleansing Facial Bar Duo Pack

Luxury Cleansing Facial Bar Duo Pack

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We are helping you to go green with your luxury skincare.
If you have been think of trying a luxury cleansing bar now is the time to try it/
Any of of clients who purchase this month will receive 2 bars .
Did you know it takes 6 x more product to cleanser your skin when you use a liquid or cream cleaners, our luxury cleansing facial bars last so much longer. 

By using luxury sustainable products you keep the planet looking as beautiful as you. 

While 90% of us recycle kitchen waste, 50% of us don’t recycle bathroom waste such as shampoo, conditioner and beauty products & bottles simply because it’s inconvenient.

We need to do more than just recycle. Wales ranks second in the world for recycling household waste. As a Welsh Wellness brand we want to help our clients go one step better by helping you achieve zero waste when you purchase products from our Celtaidd Collection .

Our luxury facial cleansing bar with fresh Welsh lavender buds and lavender essential oils helps to sooth your & reduce blemishes.
Our vegan facial bars are packed with Vitamin E and essential fatty acids that leave your skin refreshed , clean and nourished. 
This is a great luxury zero waste facial cleanser for people who want to keep the planet as beautiful as them. 

  • No Palm Oil/ Parabens/ SLS
  • Natural , results driven skincare
  • Vegan & cruelty free. 
  • Zero waste.


Lather between your hands in warm water. 

Cleanser the face for 20 -30 seconds . Use small circular motions . 

Do 2 cleanses . The fist removes cosmetics and pollution. The second cleanses deeper into the pores.  

After use it will dry quickly. Place on a soap dish .


Ingredients : 

*Organic Coconut oil (Saponified)

*Organic Sunflower oil (saponified)


*Lavender Essential oil

*Lavender flowers



 RRP £15 each 

Purchase in September 2020 and receive 2 luxury facial bars