Perfect Day Interactive Ritual

Perfect Day Ritual 

We have all woken up on the wrong side of bed, started rushing and stubbed our toe and the day has gone from bad to worse. 


People who are excited for the day, find it easy to manifests and usually have a great morning routine. 


Why wait to see how your day will go when you can Decide Your Vibe. 


Step 1. Be grateful, as soon as I open my eyes I started to give thanks for all that surrounds me. I am thankful for being able to sleep peacefully in a warm , safe house. I am thankful for the love and health that me and my family have. I am thankful for clean water that I will use to make my coffee . 

Step 2. As I go through my morning routine I decide to raise my vibration and play sound healing music as I do my skincare routine. I would love to have 15 minutes to meditate before the school run but that's not going to happen ,so I use the sound of 396 Hz to raise my frequency. 

Step 3. I use aromatherapy oils to support me . Our bespoke blend includes :

Sweet Orange: Uplifts your mood

Bergamot: Keeps you calm. 

Ylang Ylang: Clears the mind of negative emotions. 

Grapefruit: The perfect pick me up, uplifting and invigorating .

Frankincense: Keeps you grounded and centred.   

Step 4. I Choose how I want to feel today. Deciding your vibe is so important. 

Perfect Day 396 Hz

Carry your spray with you and spritz when you need a pep in your step.
 Keep the planet as beautiful as you.
Please do not dispose of your luxury amber bottle
or your travel size perfect day spray.

Refill and reuse. 

All our refillable bottles come with a reusable, washable glass oil dropper. 
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