Release The Day Interactive Spa Ritual

Turn your room into a wellness oasis.


Our Celtic Elements evening ritual incorporates the sounds, smells, and rituals of a spa in your room. 
Once you have sprayed your pillow & given thanks for your day.
Take time to lay down.
Inhale the beautiful scent of Lavender, Cedar-wood, and Ylang Ylang.
Breathe in and out & find your own rhythm.
Give yourself the gift of time,
 quieten the constant chatter of the mind and relax to this beautiful
 sound healing experience. 
The sound frequency music uses the 528 Hz frequency often called
the Love Frequency music note. 
Release & Surrender what no longer serves you.
Nos Da
 Keep the planet as beautiful as you.
Please do not dispose of you travel size sleep spray.
Refill and reuse. 
Purchase our 50 ml Release The Day Spray 
All our refillable bottles come with a reusable, washable glass oil dropper. 
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Mini Mindfulness Sessions 

Every Wednesday and Sunday connect with us on our social media channels .
Our founder , spa and wellness leader Clare Pritchard leads our
 " Mini Mindfulness Sessions"
They will help to inspire and support you.