Luxury can be sustainable

Celtic Elements was founded by Clare Pritchard.

Clare has been in the industry for over 15 years and leads the multi award-winning Parc Spa in Wales. Clare has a passion for the spa and wellness industry and has lead her team at Parc Spa for the 4th year running to become finalists at the Professional Beauty Awards, in the category  Day Spa of the Year Wales & West. Clare is also a finalist in this year’s World Spa and Wellness Awards in the category Spa Leader of the Year.


Where did the idea for Celtic Elements come from?

The treatments I have curated at the spa are integrated holistic rituals, they are designed to use hands-on healing, bespoke massage, pressure points and sound healing to treat the client holistically. We go quite in-depth with our consultation to find out what the client truly needs. Sometimes stress can manifest itself as pain in the body, for example, tight shoulders or bad back can be the result of the fight or flight reflex.  Once clients were introduced to our holistic approach, I found that they were really open to continuing their wellness at home. So we found we were recommending lots of wellness tips and online tools as part of their home care.

We could see the demand for wellness lead retail and wanted to ensure we were meeting the customer’s needs.  

At Celtic Elements we have designed wellness retail that would help the client to continue their well being at home, giving them the gift of wellness. Giving clients the tools to be able to support their own daily mindfulness at home. The rituals were designed to easily infuse into people’s daily lives.

We have all signed up for wellness courses or gone to a yoga retreat at one time or another but after a few weeks life gets busy and the wellness fades into the background.  It can take up to 66 days for something to become automatic. We wanted to give the clients the tools to support their daily mindfulness, something achievable, however busy their lives may be. This is a game-changer, it's something that could have a huge impact on them and the people around them. 

Luxury can be sustainable   

When designing the brand we wanted to ensure we were offering a sustainable luxury brand. We wanted to offer authentic wellness whilst still keeping the planet as beautiful as our clients.

We did think of aluminum, but it didn’t scream luxury and that’s what spas are all about. We wanted something that looked luxurious & beautiful in your bathroom or bedside table. Something you were proud to display. This part of the process was long, but this was something we would not compromise on.

We also wanted to go beyond recycling, I wanted to use every piece of the packaging.

Our luxury amber bottles keep the aromatherapy products in perfect condition and are refillable. Our product information is combined with spa rituals & mantras that you keep on your vision board or bedside table.

The second purchase comes in an aluminum bottle with which you refill your luxury amber bottle. Once finished with, the client rinses it and pops it into a prepaid envelope and returns it to us where we clean and reuse it. None of this goes to landfill. This was so important. I do not know how many times I have bought a luxury item and the amount of packaging drives me crazy.


Sustainable ingredients

I am so lucky to live in Wales where we are surrounded by amazing herbs and ingredients that have been used in beauty and well being products for hundreds of years.

Our vegan wellness and skincare products contain some key ingredients grown everywhere from the Welsh hillsides to the coastline of Wales. Those not indigenous to Wales are bought from approved organic herb suppliers.

All our products are hand made in Wales in smaller batches to allow the products to come from the farm to the customer quicker and fresher.


Celtic Elements Spa Rituals & Wellness lead retail can be added to any existing product house you already have. Taking your spa menus and wellness to the next level.

We also launched our new hospitality range, allowing hotels to add the gift of wellness to their luxury or spa rooms.

It includes a Release the Day ritual, sleep spray & mini sound healing link. Turning hotel rooms into a wellness oasis.

We all have many guests who do not think about using the spa, this does not mean we can’t introduce wellness to them.

Some hotels will have many business guests midweek who may have had a long drive or a stressful business meeting.

One weekend there may be guests who are away for a break as they feel stressed but are spa virgins.

By adding the gift of wellness to the hotel room, you introduce them to the world of wellness and your spa.

This will not only give the guest an amazing experience, but you can then link it to the spa and Celtic Elements treatment/ rituals. Reservations also become an area you can sell wellness retail on checkout.