World Mental Health Day

 Celtic Elements founder Clare Pritchard is passionate about connecting and giving people the gift of wellness.

The tools to be able to  support their own daily mindfulness. 




World Mental Health Day on the October 10th 2020

Action Wellbeing founder Helena Field and
Celtic Elements founder Clare Pritchard came together on
World Mental Health Day to share the gift of wellness. 

These wellbeing leaders hosted a online event 
‘Focused Wellbeing – Engage, Connect and Support’,
They focused on the challenges and changes many people are facing with their work life balance as a result of the pandemic.
Attendees learnt how to manage busyness, boundaries and the wellness leaders guided them through the importance of connectedness and self-care during this time of great change. 
Following the event they all attendees were sent a
 Release the Day Interactive Spa Ritual -
A  release the Day Spray - blend of Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Cedarwood 5 ml
A Release the Day Interactive Spa Ritual  with QR code  that takes you to an interactive sound healing experience and meditation.
Celtic Elements was founded by Clare Pritchard who has been in the Spa and   Wellness Industry for over 15 years and leads the multi award-winning Parc Spa in Wales.
Clare specialises in offering Holistic Rituals at the spa which incorporate hands-on-healing, bespoke massage, pressure points and sound healing. The treatments have been so successful that clients have sought home care advice and tips for continuing their wellness at home.
This lead Clare to design a product range that would support her clients daily mindfulness at home.
This ‘Gift of Wellness’ provides the opportunity for self-care and support that can be infused into anyone’s life no matter how busy they are!
Helena Field founded Action Wellbeing after a 20 year career in the Spa and Wellbeing industry.
Helena believes everyone should have access to support, information, training, coaching and initiatives that support their wellbeing and this is why Action Wellbeing was born.
Action Wellbeing empowers employers to find a place for wellbeing in the workplace, supports communities with wellbeing initiatives and encourages individuals to take ownership of their own personal wellbeing journeys. Wellbeing is the state of being happy, healthy, and comfortable, it is fundamental to the overall physical and mental health of an individual and it is the foundation of a life where one won’t simply exist but will instead thrive!

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